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Voon Boon Yuan


My internship experience has provided me with a diverse set of responsibilities, showcasing my
adaptability and technical proficiency. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the organization's
goals and look forward to applying the skills and knowledge gained in future endeavors.

IMedia Enterprise Programming Proposal

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Internship Summary Report
During my internship, I successfully managed multiple roles to meet deadlines and organizational goals.
These responsibilities included:
Code Validation: Conducted thorough validations of third-party code to ensure compliance with internal
standards and technical specifications.
Collaborative Development: Worked closely with developers and designers to create an in-house system
using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.
Server Implementation: Designed and implemented an Ubuntu Server within the office premises to
support local research and development activities.
NAS System Deployment: Deployed a Network-Attached Storage (NAS) system to facilitate document
storage and file-sharing among colleagues in the office.
In addition to the above tasks, I also managed organizational domains via MYNIC, ensuring smooth
operations and control over domain-related aspects.

Skills Acquired
During my internship, I acquired and honed several valuable skills, including:
Technical Proficiency: Enhanced my skills in code validation, collaborative development, server
implementation, and system deployment, utilizing various technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript,
PHP, Ubuntu Server, and NAS systems.
Project Management: Learned to effectively manage multiple responsibilities, prioritize tasks, and meet
deadlines to achieve organizational goals.
Communication and Collaboration: Improved my ability to communicate effectively with team members,
stakeholders, and third-party vendors, fostering productive collaboration and teamwork.
Problem-solving: Developed the ability to identify and resolve technical issues and challenges, ensuring
smooth project execution and delivery.